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Banners of Hope Project

In collaboration with the Fabric Arts Council and the Craft and Hobby Association, the Charity Wings Art & Craft Center is happy to coordinate the traveling exhibit portion of the Banners of Hope Project! What is the Banners of Hope Project? It started with two friends and an idea. These friends wanted to do a project together to inspire hope through fabric arts. That conversation grew into the Banners of Hope Project which has become an international sensation allowing many artists,  from all over the world (Greece, Mexico, UK, Israel, Australia, Canada, Taiwan, and many more), to participate and make a difference.  Everyone is welcome to start their own Banners of Hope Project (CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS) and Charity Wings is happy to be the official “Model” and coordinator of the traveling exhibit!


Current location:



Come and check the Banners out!

AUGUST 11 to December 15, 2014

TERI Campus of Life

teri2 teri1

251 Airport Rd
Oceanside, CA

















Future Location (Check here for upcoming shows near you):

Vista Library
700 Eucalyptus Ave, Vista, CA 92084
(760) 643-5100

January 5-March 5th

vista library


Nominate a location: At present we are looking for locations in Southern California particularly the Greater San Diego, Orange County, and Riverside County Areas.  These venues will allow Banners of Hope to develop an installation process which will be easily transferred to future venues. We are also hoping to receive requests from venues to participate worldwide, so if you would like to host the Banners please send the name of the location and proper contact information to info@charitywings.org.  


Past Locations:

Thanks to everyone who attended and a special thank you to the Mayor’s staff who worked hard to have this event visit!
June 16, 2014 – June 27, 2014
San Diego City Hall Lobby
City Administration Building
202 “C” Street in downtown San Diego
City Information Center (619)  236-5555

Global Hope-a-thon: January 15-16, 2014

Online Charity Wings Parlour powered by Linqto. Click here to watch demos and testimonial of hope OR At the Charity Wings Art CenterHopeAThon_Logo 287 Industrial St. San Marcos, CA 92078Join artists, designers, manufactures, and community to make a Banner of Hope

Featuring international mixed-media artists at the Art & Craft Center and livestreaming  the Global Hope-a-thon was a 24 hours marathon of inspiring, interactive live demos to help others  create a banner that will travel the world spreading the message of HOPE. Banner of Hope at the 2014 CHA Megashow: January 11-14, 2014 The Banners of Hope created by CHA Designers Members were on display in the Banners of Hope Booth. An Interactive booth staffed by Charity Wings Art & Craft Center Volunteers, Fabric Arts Council Members and CHA Designer Members allowed people attending the tradeshow to create their own Banners of Hope.


Click HERE for Guidelines for Creating a Banner of Hope.

What are the banners for? GuidelinesForCreatingABannerOfHope These beautiful works of he{Art} will become part of a traveling exhibit to inspire people and give hope to those in need. They will be displayed in public locations as well as care facilities and other non profits all over the world. We are looking for nominations of places that would like to display the pieces. Please contact gigi@charitywings.org with the name of the location and contact information. Please check back for a schedule of where the banners will be!

Global Hope-a-thon Designers/Artists/Manufacturers :

Chris Cozen Marisa Pawelko El Tsamp Shonna Bucaroff Jonathan Fong
Ann Butler Jane Lafazio Kelly Lish Jamie Dougherty Libby Williamson
Lorine Mason Tam La Porte Andrea Currie Janine Koczwara Madeline Faiella
Jennifer Priest Donna Salazar Sarah Meehan Rachelle Panagerry Deb Callendar
Manya Padlis Tiffany Windsor ICE Resin  Sizzix  Brother

Banners 1 Banners 2