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Charity Wings: Looking for our Forever Home


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Hosting our classes and events at Park View Apartments Community Room
379 Autumn Dr., San Marcos
Behind Mariscos. Follow signs to rental office 


Dear Charity Wings Friends,

We are happy to announce that we have found our new space and our path for going forward! Through the generosity of Hitzke Development, we will continue our regular classes, meetups and events in San Marcos at Park View Community Room behind Connor’s Park! We are finishing moving in but classes and meetups have already begun and they are very well received.  Besides our Charity Wings’ guests, we are able to serve the local residents and kids right in their own backyard which is a huge blessing.  Of course, we are never really just one place! We serve the local community through many off-site charitable campaigns and community events and take every opportunity we can to support others’ visions to give the gift of art.

We are still Member supported and we are forever grateful to the folks that have continued to support through our transition. You do not have a be a member to come but Members will be invited to free monthly classes and events such as our Monthly Party Arty and our Brave Creative Journaling meetup, as well as enjoy discounts on all activities hosted by Charity Wings.

This new direction fits perfectly with the skills and objectives of the team of volunteers and staff that work to keep this organization a vibrant, important part of the community.  We are all looking forward to seeing many friends and making new ones at the more than 20 events we already have on the calendar for 2018.   Please keep an eye on our newsletter and social media.  We will be posting new events and classes regularly!
Also, we are still hosting private parties and paint nights so feel free to contact us to plan your next fun creative event!
Thank you for your ongoing support.
The Charity Wings Team


We have not found our forever home yet. 

We have an interim location to continue our classes and programs at the Park View Community Room in San Marcos thanks to a generous supporter, Ginger Hitzke. We are so grateful and more information on this will be available soon.

Without a new space to move to, we will be selling just about everything in the center. CLICK HERE TO SEE A VIDEO OF THE ITEMS.  The sale will begin on December 15th with $20 Fill-A-Bag from 12- 5pm. on the 16th from 10-5pm $20 for two bags. 251 North City Dr. #127. San Marcos, CA 92078 PLEASE TELL ALL YOUR LOCAL FRIENDS. THIS IS ESPECIALLY PERFECT FOR EDUCATORS!


What happened?

Charity Wings Inc. is ready for it’s next adventure.  Over the past 11 years we have served as an Umbrella Fundraising Entity and two Art & Craft Centers. Now we are being challenged with another move before the end of the year. Yes, we need to move The Center again.  Our amazing benefactors have found tenants at The QUAD where we have called home for the past 3 years.  It was always the agreement that we would move when the place filled and the time has finally come. We are so grateful for the generosity they have shown us in our current location as well as the space we originally occupied just 100 yards away.  Urban Villages Inc. has allowed us to build a foundation for this much needed resource for the community.

Where will we go?

We are busy looking for our new home. Ideally, it would be an open space with an office, bathroom, and storage. We also need a sink for cleaning art supplies which we can have installed. 3000 sq ft is what we are utilizing right now but we could possibly downsize to about 2000 sq ft. Uncarpeted space would be ideal as crafting is a messy activity!  Windows or roll up doors are necessary as there’s a need for natural lighting. Access to an outdoor area with tables would be great as our guests often have lunch as part of their time with us and it’s nice to be able to sit outside – it is California after all! We are looking to stay in North San Diego County. We are hoping for another benefactor to believe in the community’s need for the Center and to understand how the programs offered activate and vitalize an area. The Center attracts people of all ages and demographics who are perfect to become customers of other businesses in the area!  We are hoping for free rent but if not, something VERY VERY cheap! ($800 or less inclusive of additional fees)

Please watch and share this video message!

Got 2 minutes? Watch this one!

Got 6 minutes? Watch this one!

What are we fundraising for?  

We will need funds to carry us through the 4-6 month transition period.  We have promised our landlord to be out as close to the end of the year as possible. Here are our challenges:

  1. This means that we are pressed for this move to happen over the holidays.  Normally a busy time at the Center with holiday crafting events.  As we are focusing on selling and donating supplies, cleaning out the studio and packing it up, there will come a point, in the near future, when we will be unable to host classes, private parties and open studio. Presently these events fund the majority of our operating budget.
  2. Planning the move also means we will have less time to plan our fundraising events for the organization which is the majority of what allows us to operate.
  3. We will have to miss one of our key fundraising opportunities in January, our livestreaming event at Creativation Tradeshow. We have hosted this event for 8 years but it takes an incredible amount of planning and event and volunteer coordination and we will need our volunteers to help with the move so we have decided it is best to skip this year. The winter livestream show funds 2 months of operations each year.
  4. Moving a 3000 sq. ft. studio with a ceramics studio, metalsmithing studio, tables, chairs, shelving, artwork and not to mention art supplies, will require lots of volunteer hours because it is a complete move. We provide meals and water for volunteers.
  5. Charity Wings is almost 100% volunteer run and packing and selling will leave us with worn out volunteers so we will likely be required to hire movers to help. 
  6. Memberships bring in about 1/4 of our operating budget each month. During the transition, some members may ask to pause their memberships. 
  7. Moving is hard financially on any business. People have a hard time finding their way to you again even if you move next door. There will be marketing expenses involved in getting our place up and running again. 

Why should you support? We will not exist without YOUR help!

Charity Wings Art & Craft Center is a gathering place. Not only for artists and crafters but for people seeking community. In this age of digital overload and disconnect, we provide a space for human interaction and diverse cultural experiences.  The center hosts and participates in events for literally thousands of guests each year. This is a safe place, a place without judgement where anyone and everyone can explore creative expression openly. Every community needs a place like this. We are the first: we are hoping to blaze a trail, spread our wings and open gathering places such as this in cities all over the country. It is imperative that Charity Wings survive this transition. As North County has grown, evolving from a collection of small beach cities and rural farmlands to a vital education and innovation hub, places like this bring hope during times of uncertainty and growth. 

Please share this campaign!

If you have gotten this far and understand the need for Charity Wings to continue to run and Art & Craft Center, there are three things you can do to help!

  1. Share this campaign youcaring.com/CharityWings on your social media, newsletters, colleagues and friends. Please use these hashtags #charitywings #giveuswings #art4good
  2. Donate! We have served almost 100 different charities and causes over the past 11 years. People tell us all the time how important Charity Wings is. They tell us how much they believe in what we do and admire the mission. If you believe like we do, that Charity Wings must exist, Please donate today and Give us Wings and A Place to Gather! 
  3. Contact us if you have a location that we can call home.  info@charitywings.org or Elena Lai Etcheverry 619-850-3777 

Thank you for your generous support!

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