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We love our volunteers and our teachers. You make the Art & Craft Center what it is.

Nothing feels better than sharing your creative gift with someone.
We ask that teachers teach at least 2 classes (1 for a non-profit group, and 1 to Art Center patrons).

If you would like to join us and teach a class either in person or online we would love to have you!



Here are the basic guidelines:


Class Supplies:
We will provide the supplies for your class. If the Charity Wings Art & Craft Center (CWACC) does not have something you need, you may submit a supply request and we will see if we can get the supplies donated. Supply request must be made 30 days in advance. The requested supplies must be shipped to  CWACC and all left over supplies become the property of CWACC.  If we are unable to obtain the requested supplies then it becomes the teachers responsibility to supply them at their own cost. We will provide you with a donation receipt for anything that you provide.

Teaching Pay:
We are grateful to the artists and designers that are willing to teach as a volunteer, however we do understand the need to be paid for your time so we are happy to pay 25% of the income generated by each class to qualified instructors. We encourage teachers to promote their class(es) on Facebook, their blog, Twitter etc.  We will promote through our newsletter and other marketing/social media outlets.

Teaching classes to different non-profit groups:
If you are willing to teach a non profit class for one of our deserving groups, we have a great need for that. You can be matched up with a non profit that fits what you like to support.  These classes are all on a volunteer basis but the incredible feeling of giving back is worth more than it’s weight in gold! (See below for more details)

  • Your role would be to design and teach classes with supplies that we have or are able to get donated.
  • This can be in person at the Charity Wings Art & Craft Center or at another non-profit organization.
  • Charity Wings will coordinate and schedule your class.
  • There is a great feeling that comes from doing art with people who can really benefit from creating!

Current teachers are volunteering their time, however we are happy to be able to offer this program as a way to support teachers that support us!