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This fall, we have the opportunity to partner with some incredible local women who are working in their professions to help other women see their amazing self in a new light- – Beautiful. Strong. Empowered.

November 17th and November 19th a trifecta of women will gather at Charity Wings and embrace special women like you who are ready to make a little (or a lot!) of magic in their life. You’ve seen the flyer for Anastasia Mac Pin-up Photo Sessions– there are only a few sessions left each day. As fantastically life-changing as those sessions will be, it’s not all that’s in store.

Gena Simmons, Wellness Advocate and Gold Leader with doTerra International, will be holding a casual discussion during the photography event on both November 17, at 11am and November 19th at 1pm. She’ll share her experience with essential oils, discuss the basics of what they are and how they’re being used, and answer specific questions about the oils and a health-filled lifestyle. Guests who RSVP by November 14th will receive a sample to try at home before the class date! Register here for either of these dates or by calling Charity Wings Art & Craft Center, 760-591-3010.

Additionally, Karen Friend Smith, manager with Beautycounter, invites you to indulge yourself in a luxurious guided free mini-facial using Beautycounter’s targeted treatments made with safer, high-performing ingredients. November 17th at 1pm you’ll learn the most important steps in any beauty routine plus simple tips for choosing safer ingredients to nourish your skin without exposure to unnecessary toxins. You can register for the Beautycounter mini-facial here or by calling the center 760-591-3010

Treat yourself as you deserve to be treated. Join us at Charity Wings for one of these sessions and celebrate your femininity! It’s the perfect way to enter 2018!